Our Mission

Revival Centre is called of God to be a worshipping, discipling, ministering and evangelising community reaching Kuala Lumpur and beyond.

As a worshipping community...

We will promote personal enjoyment of God and a significant and enduring purpose for living

  • Church services and home group meetings charged with joyful and exuberant worship of God.
  • The word of God will be practical and relevant.
  • Excellence will be valued because God is worthy of our best.
  • Worship will be the supreme purpose of life.
  • God's blessings will and favour will be clearly evident and our community will realize God is real among us.

As a discipling community...

We will promote personal character development based on Biblical values.

  • In our Home Groups, the Bible will be practiced and modeled through caring inter-personal relationships.
  • We will have life development education tracks that help every member to faithfully follow Christ from childhood to old age.
  • We will be known and praised by our community as a happy, caring people, honest, generous, dependable, model citizens and ideal employers and employees.

As a ministering community...

We will promote personal impact through ministry and skill development.

  • We will provide a platform for teamwork where even the least talented can play a valued part to touch lives, according to their abilities.
  • We will be Christlike in servanthood.
  • We will be faithful stewards of our resources, driven by the attitude that we're blessed to be a blessing.

As an evangelizing community...

We will promote a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

  • We will be a "church without walls", reaching out to the hurting and needy though community service ministries, demonstrating the love of God in tangible ways.
  • We will extend the kingdom of God locally and globally by the proclaiming the Gospel of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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